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The Digital Health Update — Paul Sonnier

April 18, 2013

I sent the following announcement to 16,879 Digital Health group members on April 18, 2013:

The Digital Health Update — Paul Sonnier

Dear Digital Health group members,

In this update:

(1) Forbes Leading With Digital Health
(2) VentureBeat Launches Into Digital Health
(3) Featured Event — HealthBeat 2013 — May 20-21 in San Francisco, CA



While there are a slew of online industry journals covering various aspects of digital health (a quick scan of articles shared in the group provides noteworthy examples), there were four articles in Forbes this past week vividly illustrating the publication’s comprehensive and critical coverage of the digital health revolution:

ZINA MOUKHEIBER: “Aberdare Ventures Moves Deeper Into Digital Health” —
Congrats to Mo Kaushal, who has moved on from West Health’s investment fund to Aberdare Ventures.

JOHN NOSTA: “Digital Health: Will Pharma Follow or Lead?” —
“Pharma–for better or worse–has a seat at this table.”

MATTHEW HERPER: “What Does This $14 Billion Deal Mean For The Future Of DNA Sequencing?” —
Lab equipment company Thermo Fisher Scientific is buying Life Technologies, which produces DNA sequencing technology.

DAVID SHAYWITZ: “Digital Health: It’s On” —
My thanks to David for the recognition of my contributions to digital health.


In addition to VentureBeat’s upcoming digital health conference (details in #3 below), they published a version of my recent Popper and Company blog post on venture capital (VC) investing in digital health. The publication is also featuring additional digital health coverage:

REBECCA GRANT: “Can Smartphones Solve The Healthcare Crisis? 4 Startups Say Yes” —

PAUL SONNIER: “Why Digital Health Is No ‘Bubble’” —


VentureBeat’s “HealthBeat 2013”, May 20-21 at The Grand Hyatt in San Francisco, CA

HealthBeat 2013 is a new event exploring “Smart Hospitals” and “Smart Practices,” the focal point of where technology is disrupting health care. The event also covers how “Smart Patients” fit in. Patients are now equipped with a library of web stats and tools, giving them more control over how they get medical care.

HealthBeat will help decision makers—CIOs at hospitals, physicians, 
providers, insurers—understand what technologies are most effectively transforming health care in 2013 and beyond. It will also help business leaders assess the multi-billion dollar market opportunities in this sector.

“We’ve been tracking this sector for years, but it’s never been ripe enough for us to tackle until now. But suddenly, mobile, wireless, computing, and big data — all of the technology trends in IT — are combining to create significant improvements in health care. It’s finally time Silicon Valley led the charge.” — Matt Marshall, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, VentureBeat

Digital Health LinkedIn group members save 25% by using registration code “DHealth” —

As always, you can view a comprehensive chronological list of global health innovation and life science investor conferences on my website —

Best regards,
Paul Sonnier

Head of Digital Health Strategy, Popper and Company
Founder, 16,000+ member Digital Health group on LinkedIn
Mentor, Blueprint Health
Twitter: @Paul_Sonnier


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