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Digital Health Update—Paul Sonnier, Announcement to 15,000+ member Digital Health Group on LinkedIn

February 3, 2013

I sent the following announcement to 15,000 members of my Digital Health group on LinkedIn on Feb 2, 2013:

Dear Digital Health group members,

In this update:
(1) Defibrillator Manufacturer Pledges to Share Data to Reduce Deaths
(2) Digital Health on TV
(3) More Dr. Oz Controversy
(4) Events
(5) Group Featured in HIMSS Journal
(6) 15,000+ Members!


Zoll announced plans to make patient data available to reduce preventable deaths. I heard about this from Hugo Campos (Twitter: @HugoOC), an ePatient advocate “on a quest for access to the data collected by my implantable cardiac defibrillator” —

Hugo tweeted the following, indicating there’s more to be done:
ZOLL: 1st defib manufacturer to break down barriers of data ownership—@MedtronicCEO Will you lead or follow?


For those that couldn’t see Dr. Topol’s ~9-min segment on NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams”, it’s now available online —

Dr. James Beckerman, a cardiologist with the Providence Heart and Vascular Institute, spoke on a Portland, OR news program about “new research on the effectiveness of fitness mobile apps and other health-minded gadgets” —


Forbes staff reporter Matthew Herper expanded upon the ongoing criticism of Dr. Oz in his article “Dr. Oz and Mr. Hyde: What Medicine Should Learn From Mehmet”. Taking a cue from Michael Specter’s New Yorker profile of Dr. Oz — “the surgeon and TV star who Oprah herself sainted as “America’s doctor”” — Herper notes that Dr. Oz is both “saving lives and promoting bunkum”. He enumerated seven “people, products, and ideas Specter catches Oz promoting that are absolutely, positively, wrong”.

While I have conflicting opinions on Dr. Oz — he has great consumer visibility and has recently spoken about digital health — Matt impressed by explicitly highlighting the potential impact of digital health:

“It strikes me that Scripps’ Eric Topol, who Specter quotes calling Oz’s health advice “lunacy,” has some of the same dreams about changing medicine as Oz, dreams of escaping the constraints of medicine and the culture that walls off patients and doctors and bosses the patients around even when the doctor really has no idea what’s best. But Topol’s savior is digital, a blur of apps and mobile devices and genetic knowledge and Moore’s law. If we need a savior, Topol’s digital revolution is a far better bet than a bottle of red palm oil, but the desire comes from the same place. And it’s what’s making Topol very popular among the digital health crowd.” —

(4) EVENTS —

I’ll be attending the Burrill Digital Health Meeting next week in San Francisco —

Dr. Daniel Kraft kindly invited me to check out FutureMed, also next week in San Francisco. I’m looking forward to hearing Ray Kurzweil and John Abele speak —

As part of my co-chair role at CommNexus, I organized a panel in San Diego on Feb 12. The focus is wireless devices and sensors with panelists from the X PRIZE Foundation, Continua Health Alliance, and Qualcomm Life —

I’m looking forward to WLSA’s 8th annual Convergence Summit, May 29-30 in San Diego. This is their flagship event, where healthcare, technology and communication leaders tackle key issues facing the wireless health community —


I was delighted to receive a shout-out — both the group and my event list — from Mark Sevens in the HIMSS Journal of Health Information Management (JHIM), where he penned a piece entitled “Vision Realized: Surveying the Healthcare and Health IT Innovation Landscape” —

(6) 15,000+ GROUP MEMBERS!

The group just surpassed 15,000 global members, which I think is a noteworthy milestone. Since day one, I’ve reviewed every new member’s profile and can say that the caliber of membership in the group is incredible. As you know, I keep out the spammers and those who just want to use the group for their own interests. This delivers a quality product to you, I think, and allows us all to better catalyze digital health around the globe. Keep up the great work everyone!

Oh, in case you’re wondering who the 15,000th group member is, well, it’s none other than Dr. Beckerman!

Best regards,
Paul Sonnier

Head of Digital Health Strategy, Popper and Company
Founder, 15,000+ member Digital Health group on LinkedIn
Mentor, Blueprint Health
Twitter: @Paul_Sonnier


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