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Digital Health University – Paul Sonnier, Announcement to Digital Health Group

January 3, 2013

I sent the following announcement to 14,169 group members on Jan 1, 2013:

Dear Digital Health group members,

In this update:

(1) Digital Health University
(2) 100 Health Influencers We Should Influence
(3) Digital Health Infographic Recognition
(4) Upcoming Events

If – as John Nosta recently suggested – Dr. Eric Topol is the “Dean of Digital Health”, perhaps that makes me “Student Body President” at Digital Health University (DHU)?

While DHU is, at least at present time, a mock university, it has been incredible to see the growing digital health initiatives by governments, nonprofit organizations, and businesses (corporate, private and entrepreneurial startups) around the globe. Equally important and exciting is the increased coverage of digital health in both industry rags and the main stream media. I’m particularly happy to see the rational metamorphosis from limiting and ambiguous terms like “mHealth”, to the clear and concise term of “Digital Health”. This matters since the terms “digital” and “health” are familiar to consumers and professionals alike, who have witnessed, experienced, and thereby understand the impact of personal and other digital technologies. They also grasp the imperative for all of us to improve our health and change our healthcare systems for the better. Q.E.D., “digital health” makes sense for use in communicating what’s happening and can be broken into its constituent parts as appropriate.



Health & fitness information website “Greatist” released their list of the 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness for 2012.

I immediately saw that TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz, aka “Dr. Oz”, was listed at number three. This is noteworthy since he was recently filmed speaking about digital health, namely the possibilities for integrating various solutions into our automobiles. Here’s an interesting group dialogue on this (not all comments were positive, but I think it’s great that he’s an evangelist):
Dr. Oz: The Future Of Medicine Will Depend On Technology, Not Doctors

There were also a few influencers who, to my knowledge, already get what’s happening:
Dr. Dean Ornish and Gary Taubes – See my recent Digital Health Update for mentions of them
Dr. Travis Stork – Dr. Eric Topol appeared on The Doctors TV show
David Kirchhoff , CEO of Weight Watchers – I believe they’re using apps and devices
Dr. Jay Parkinson – Created the first digital physician practice



It was awesome to see the Digital Health infographic featured by Fred Pennic in his list of healthcare technology infographics.
As previously mentioned, I created this in collaboration with the great team at Misfit Wearables.



I’ll be attending the Digital Health Summit at CES next week in Las Vegas and am excited to see Dr. Oz, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and Arianna Huffington. My colleagues Ken Walz and Patti Doherty will also be there and we hope to see and meet many of you at what should be a very special event.

Also, my colleague Dr. Caroline Popper will be at the J.P. Morgan conference in San Francisco next week. If you’re going, please let me know.

List of global digital health and related health innovation events.
Best regards,
Paul Sonnier

Head of Digital Health Strategy, Popper and Company
Founder, 14,000+ member Digital Health group on LinkedIn
Mentor, Blueprint Health
Twitter: @Paul_Sonnier


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