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“The Forever Health Monitor” in Scientific American “World-Changing Ideas” Issue and Frank Moss, Director, New Media Medicine at MIT Media Lab – November 22, 2011

November 23, 2011

I sent the following announcement to 7,163 Wireless Health LinkedIn Group Members on November 22, 2011.

“The Forever Health Monitor” in Scientific American “World-Changing Ideas” Issue and Frank Moss, Director, New Media Medicine at MIT Media Lab

Dear Wireless Health group members,

Scientific American just came out with their annual “World-Changing Ideas” issue, in which they feature “10 new technologies that will make a difference”. Quoted in the very first segment, “The Forever Health Monitor”, are Dr. Dave Albert, Dr. Eric Topol, and yours truly, Paul Sonnier. Also mentioned are wireless health companies AliveCor, Withings, and WellDoc.

“The Forever Health Monitor” by Elizabeth Svoboda

In keeping with the theme of personalized medicine – which includes wireless and nano technologies plus genomics – I came across a great quote of Frank Moss in a recent interview he gave to The Boston Globe. When asked what his vision is for the future of medicine, Frank had this to say:
“My vision begins with the fact that health care costs are such a major burden on us as individuals, our families, and our country. There’s tremendous opportunity to take advantage of dramatic advances that are happening right now in technology – all the way from social media and smartphones to personal genomics and nanotechnology – to create a consumer health revolution, to enable us to take control of our health, to cut down health care costs.”

Frank, who is Director of New Media Medicine at the MIT Media Lab, was also featured in an article on GigaOm (I highly recommend the video interview with Jody Ranck) and wrote a widely-shared op-ed in the NY Times…

“The Time for Healthcare Tech Startups is Now”
Two more great comments: “Don’t listen to the VCs, who say there’s no business model. They’ll change their tune very soon,” (already happening) and “I’ve been through this before. I attacked people who believed PCs would not be a part of enterprise environments. We’re at that point now where the naysayers, who say the healthcare reimbursement system will not work for this, that the incentives pay on the wrong metrics, or that Americans don’t care about healthcare — all that indicates fear that they’re wrong.”

“Our High-Tech Health-Care Future”
“The United States should commit to a “moon shot” for consumer health to make this imagined world a reality. In addition to the health benefits, we would gain revenue from exports of consumer health products to countries like China and India, which are likely to become enormous health care markets.”

(My thanks again to Marie Cloutier from Insight for sharing the Boston Globe interview with the group.)

I’m really looking forward to seeing many of you at mHealth Summit next month in Washington D.C. and the Digital Health Summit (at CES), this January in Las Vegas. Until then, for those of you in the United States – and Canada, as I just learned – I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving Day holiday!

Best regards,
Paul Sonnier

Founder, Wireless Health group on LinkedIn
VP, Partner Development, Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA)
Mentor, Blueprint Health
Co-chair, Healthcare Communications SIG at CommNexus San Diego



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