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Computerworld Article Features Wireless Health Group: “LinkedIn groups for IT pros: How to find the best” – August 24, 2011

August 26, 2011

I sent the following announcement to 6,800+ Wireless Health LinkedIn Group Members on August 24, 2011:

Computerworld Article Features Wireless Health Group: “LinkedIn groups for IT pros: How to find the best”

Hi Everyone,

Computerworld just featured the Wireless Health group in an article entitled “LinkedIn groups for IT pros: How to find the best

I was quoted in the following portion on the relative size of groups:

Numbers – The number of members who belong to a group and the number of active discussions you see going on can provide some clue about the feel of a group. After all, there’s no sense joining a group where all you hear is crickets chirping. On the other hand, a conversation among hundreds of participants is likely to feel less intimate — and perhaps less targeted — as one among just a few.

Regardless, numbers don’t tell the whole story for any group. “It’s not the quantity, but the quality of the discussions, the caliber of the participants, and the reach and influence of the group” that matter most when deciding which groups to participate in, says Paul Sonnier, manager of the Wireless Health group. You may find that highly moderated smaller groups provide the most relevant, specific value.

Here are the group stats, as described by Logan Kugler, contributor at Computerworld:

Wireless Health
Members: approx. 6,500 (Nearing 6,900 as of today)
Moderated? Yes
Open? Yes
Who it’s for: Those interested in how wireless technology can benefit healthcare and medical research.
Most useful for: Exploring the intersection of wireless technology and healthcare, with a global perspective.
Activity level: About a dozen posts a day, primarily links to relevant research and news stories. Most conversations are initiated by the group owner and generally receive fewer than 10 responses, but the group provides a great way to keep tabs on mobile healthcare advances and issues.
Recent popular discussions:
• “Google Health demise.” (45 comments)
• “The future of medical technology is apps, games and movies.” (11 comments)

Thanks again, everyone! It’s all of you who are creating the value and accelerating the global adoption of wireless health and mHealth.

Best regards,
Paul Sonnier


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