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Why Wireless Health Matters – My thoughts on Rob McCray’s op-ed in MobiHealthNews

May 15, 2011

I sent the following announcement to 5,700+ Wireless Health LinkedIn Group members on May 9, 2011. (The discussion can be found in the group, here.)

Nine months ago I started a group discussion entitled “Who’s keeping score? We’re now more than halfway through “Year 1” of the Wireless and Mobile Health revolution – So how’re we doin’?

My question was intended to both cut through the market projections and ensuing hype as well as surface any publicly-available industry revenue and sales statistics. In hindsight, with such disparate solutions falling under the wireless health umbrella and with very few companies solely dedicated to producing these solutions, it didn’t appear that this type of visibility was available. And as Brian Dolan from MobiHealthNews pointed out at the time, “Overall mobile health industry revenue is difficult to track, but that’s a good challenge for us. I think your group announcement this week certainly pushes those of us covering the industry as journalists / researchers.”

I derived further inspiration for my question from public comments by Rob McCray, CEO at the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA), who had previously stated that we had finally entered “Year 1” for wireless health. Rob responded to my comments in the aforementioned group discussion.

Fast forward to today, and Rob has published an op-ed on this theme in MobiHealthNews. In his latest commentary, Rob describes the three points of convergence of communications technology and healthcare plus an essential fourth factor: the ecosystem of “innovators, executives, investors, clinicians (for healthcare) and policy makers who are creating the sector”. He proceeds to deliver a broad analysis of the global wireless health business environment and asks one of the most relevant questions to the overarching theme of the Wireless Health group: “How do businesses thrive and investors earn a return in the face of uncertainty?”

Rob’s edifying dénouement is an enumerated list of considerations for governments, businesses, entrepreneurs and mission oriented organizations. Noteworthy is that, in the fragmented and somewhat chaotic milieu that is wireless health, WLSA brings these groups together for quality conversations that help shape the sector and accelerate useful innovation.

Similar to the mission of the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance and my role within it, from day one, my goal in building the Wireless Health group has been to connect the same global ecosystem of constituencies listed by Rob. I see these complementary roles as analogous to prior roles I’ve held in my career as a program manager, where I coordinated and managed the work of cross-functional product development teams – sometimes across the entire organization. PMs are responsible for delivering interdisciplinary connectivity and enabling the knowledge sharing that is the linchpin of a program’s success throughout its entire lifecycle. Basically, I see wireless health as just such a global program with the ultimate customer and beneficiary being all of us.

This will be my third year at the Convergence Summit. I’m excited by the timing, the connections that will be established, and the knowledge sharing that will take place. As always, I thank you for your support and noble efforts in accelerating the adoption of wireless health. I look forward to your feedback and seeing many of you in San Diego this week!

Best regards,

Paul Sonnier

VP, Partner Development, Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance

Founder, Wireless Health group on LinkedIn

Global mHealth, Wireless Health, and Telemedicine / Health Technology Events


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