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Announcement from Paul Sonnier to Wireless Health Group: New Role at WLSA

March 12, 2011

I sent the following announcement to 5,000+ Wireless Health LinkedIn Group Members on March 8, 2011:

Dear Wireless Health Group Members,

I am thrilled to announce that I have just taken on the role of Vice President, Partner Development at the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance.

I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and support over the past year and a half vis-à-vis my efforts with the Wireless Health group, which will continue to provide what I feel is a valuable service in advancing knowledge and connecting professionals around the globe. Going forward, I foresee this new role as synergistic in terms of allowing me to further exercise my passion as a facilitator of the development, commercialization, and market growth of wireless health and mHealth.

Some info on WLSA:
The Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance is the preeminent global trade organization bringing together CEOs from the world’s most innovative companies with business leaders, policy makers, and researchers in healthcare and technology, with the goal of accelerating collaboration, business opportunities, and improving healthcare. WLSA has been in operation for six years and offers two meetings in San Diego: the Convergence Summit in May (for exploration of the business and use cases of wireless health), and the Wireless Health Academic Industry Conference in October (a single track scientific conference focused on the engineering, clinical, and research aspects of wireless health). At this year’s Convergence Summit, there will be a mix of investors and senior operating executives, plus an unparalleled group of speakers (reference the list below my signature block).

Here’s some salient news coverage by Neil Versel: “Online community builder Sonnier joins WLSA”

Press release: “WLSA Announces new VP, Partner Development”

Best regards,
Paul Sonnier

VP, Partner Development, Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance
Founder, Wireless Health group on LinkedIn
Co-Chair, Healthcare Communications SIG, CommNexus San Diego


A few of the confirmed speakers for the May Convergence Summit:
Paul Jacobs, Ph.D. – Chairman, CEO, Qualcomm, Inc. (Summit Host)
John Doyle – General Manager, Transformational Development & Chief Strategy Officer, Ascension Health
Nathan Estruth – Vice President, Proctor & Gamble’s FutureWorks
Michael Farrell – Senior Vice President, Sleep Products, ResMed
Terry Gregg – President and CEO, DexCom, Inc.
David Haight – Vice President, Business Development, Emerging Devices Organization, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets
William Maguire, M.D. – Chairman and CEO, UnitedHealth Group
Michael Martino – Sr. Vice President, Strategy & Innovation, CareFusion
Preetha Reddy – Executive Director, Apollo Healthcare (India)
Eric Topol, M.D. – Vice-Chairman and CIO, West Wireless Health Institute; Director, Scripps Translational Science Institute

6th Annual Convergence Summit (May 10-12):
Wireless Health 2011 Academic Industry Conference (Oct 10-13):


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